Watch this Roy Orbison-esque version of the Pixies' "Where is My Mind?"

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I thought that an excellent version of the song indeed. Also, thanks for the info they’re touring. One of the dates turned out to be in our neck of the woods and now I have tickets. Score!


Ha! I did the same thing after seeing it in the Puddles post the other day! Don’t know where you are, but if you see a tall skinny guy wearing a lot of black, walk up and say “Hi!”. I will be the 13th one


This was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I really didn’t hear Roy Orbison, though. Maybe I just haven’t listened to enough Roy Orbison.

Sadly, their tour isn’t coming near enough to me. On the other hand, I do have tickets to see the Pixies coming up, so I guess I will likely still get to see a version of the song live.


Excellent! Though I think you’re really stretching the definition of “hit”

in terms of charts, fair enough, but it is their best known song by some distance thanks to “Fight Club” - it has 730m streams on Spotify, 5 times more than the next song, “Here Comes Your Man”

(strangely “Hey” is their 3rd most streamed song, I don’t know if that featured in some movie or TV show as well?)

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But seriously… who cares what corporations think about what music is “important” by sales… which is what the charts actually are… There are probably plenty of crap songs that made it’s way up the billboard charts for a while, never to be heard from again. But some songs manage to endure despite not making it into the top 40… this song is certainly one of those.



Other time Postmodern Jukebox featured Allison Young

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