Watch this Rubik's Cube magician baffle Ellen

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I feel this gets off to a bad start as he holds on Ellen’s cube at 0:30 long enough to see that it’s a different cube when he does the comparison.


This is a bunch of clever ideas. The drawing thing is a little obvious, if you know anything about Rubik’s Cubes. He seems to make it out like you have to separately solve for the pattern, when in reality the upper-right corner is the upper-right corner regardless of what face it’s on. So if you know how to solve a cube you’ll know where the squares are going and you can do a drawing in pieces. The “it doesn’t look right” was just holding it upside down, which is a well known speed painter trick.


For the “it doesn’t look right” part I think he deliberately (?) solved it with the center square rotated against the rest of the pattern. The sequence he does appears to just rotate the center square relative to its surroundings. An easy way to get the image to come out “wrong” and require fixing. Or, an easy way to fix it if he didn’t get rotated right in the first place.


I think the trick is he surreptitiously turns one of the cubes to match the other, not that one is swapped out. Except for the Skittles, all his tricks involve turning cubes without drawing attention to it.

ETA: Or maybe that’s what you meant! Sorry, if so!

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a) amazing
b) i once peeled all stickers off a cube so I could say it was done.

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