Watch: This spectacular singer is only in 5th grade

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Wow, awesome voice. I hope nobody starts him on a journey through the music industry meat grinder before he’s through being a kid, and getting an education.


This little guy not only has a gift, he is a gift to all of us who get to hear him. As with anyone so gifted, he also needs to be protected. We’ve lost too many young entertainers to the fiends who prey on youth and innocence. I hope the folks who love him will protect him from greedy bastards and other predators. He is entitled to be a goofy little kid who runs free with his friends and enjoys being a kid. And keep him safe from cops too.


What a talented person! Hope he goes far.

Pedantic language note: you only need the hyphens in “10 years old” when it’s used as an adjective, such as “10-year-old boy is an awesome singer.”


As a former editor, I approve of this comment.

You know Hulk, ever since you’ve gone gray you’ve become a read nerd. :wink:

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