Watch this superhero chef use her incredible superpowers to make Mooncake

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I’ve always believed that people left on their own are far more entertaining, fun and humorous than anything being produced by any professional.

This gal takes the… er… cake.


Is there a slower version of this video? I’m trying to follow the recipe, and it’s really difficult.


No video for me, only scrolling ads :frowning:

I have a video about hot cross buns but it’s NSFW.

Damn. I think of myself as a pretty reasonable cook, but I see I have a lot of room to improve.

Must try that “pulling the moon down from orbit” trick.

Edit: it wasn’t till the third watch that I noticed that her hair is blowing in the breeze at all times, regardless of where she is. This has made my day.


I mean, sure, we’ve all summoned the moon to smash our dough flat, who hasn’t? But simultaneously cracking two eggs one handed without disrupting the yoke or getting shell in the mix? What kind of crazy magic is this?


Oohhhhh… Moon cake.

I know this is just a bit of fun, but…a chicken laying 2 eggs simultaneously? Totally unrealistic.

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