Watch this teen drummer show her amazing skills on a Van Halen cover


No, I can’t play a lick of any musical instrument? What difference does that make? A lot of musicians like shitty music. So what? I have my opinion of Van Halen, having seen them live at Pasadena Civic Auditorium and thought they were the best thing since sliced bread… for about a month. Eddie was good, but many others better in my opinion, and when Sammy joined them and they got all up into that synthesizer crap and all that smarmy love shit, oh man… what a farce of a band. Some of their songs simply break down right in the middle and they so desperately have to claw their way back to any semblance of music, and then the song ends.


Completely entitled to your opinion.

Just suggesting that between 2 people who don’t enjoy their songwriting, someone who plays guitar or drums is probably going to find more to like about them.

Sure, there are better guitar players. Just like their are better fruits than strawberries. Personally I don’t always want to eat mangoes all the time. YMMV.

So… You probably prefer Aerosmith, eh?



That was awesome. I was worn out just watching it! :slight_smile:

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