Watch this woman make a bamboo furniture set from scratch

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Dang, Double Dang! That girl has skills!


From scratch you say? Did she start with the universe?


I bet she would’ve been useful for the castaways on Gilligan’s Island


I love working with bamboo! it is lightweight, attractive & amazingly strong. But it often snaps when I try to bend it over a fire, because I didn’t know about notching & scraping it first. I really learned a lot from this, thank you! And yes, the maker is a total craftswoman.


Not to mention that she has all the pieces for the bench cut to size before assembly, so the whole plan is in her head from the start.


Li Ziqi’s youtube channel is amazing. Most of the videos are of her cooking various traditional Chinese meals from scratch or nearly scratch, but every so often she does stuff that isn’t culinary.

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Also of interest, she recently grew a bunch of silkworms and made felt out of silk, which she sewed into a mattress, a blanket, and a set of pajamas:


The way she handles that saw has amputation written all over it!

She is a consumate salesperson. Assuming her story is true and not just a marketing scheme, she was raised by her grandmother in Sichuan province, went away to school and learned video editing, had a TV cooking show for a while, and then returned home to care for her grandmother, after which she began her cooking vlog on her own at her rural homestead (although she now clearly has some assistants). Her Weibo video channel has over a million subscribers. She has parlayed her series of videos into a new line of sauces and food products which she is selling on Taobao. I admire her greatly.


You don’t think it’s likely the drawing up and referencing of plans and just wasn’t included in the shots?

I mean, she didn’t sleep for days either, so who knows.


Wow - “If you could only have one Youtube channel on a desert island, which one would it be?” I now have my answer!


I… yeah Im pretty sure I am in love with this woman.

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I love her channel. Despite being a vegetarian for decades. I watch it whenever I get stressed out, without subtitles. There’s something about watching her work that is extremely calming. And I like the sound production.


I love it, it’s like they’re…they are in heaven.
Especially compared to the guys over at Primitive Culture vlog

So yeah, the bamboo miracle funiture may be a little overproduced. My inner skeptic is leaning over my inner stubborn-innocent’s shoulder to sniff mightily. But still, she or someone made that shit from bamboo. That’s so cool and motivating. Under present circumstances i get giddy when I reuse a To Go cup.


In another lifetime I ran a bamboo and Asian handcrafts shop and sold coffee tables almost identical to this. Of course, they were cured and dried bamboo but it is interesting to see the process of construction. That was about 40 years ago when there was a greater appreciation for “earthly” (read rustic) things. Some stunning examples of basket weaving and so great to see the practical stuff that comes from sustainable nature. I guess the wheel will turn and we will revisit that ethic - when it again becomes fashionable.

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This one is good, and I like Primitive Technology too. The guy has some acreage up in Queensland, and makes all sorts of things from rocks and sticks.


I laughed at about 1:12 when she tucked her pencil behind her ear – it reminded me of my father. Carpenters are the same the world over, I guess!


But what if I want an ottoman? Do I have to do a whole universe for that, or can I just stop when I get to wood?

As a proud new reality daddy god you have to see it through until its eventual heat death. Such is life.

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Aww damn, I was hoping I’d be off the hook once it went off to college.

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