Watch this young man's captivating card trickery


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I’m doing that with my mind.


I think you have to do hard time in prison to have time to get that good. I wonder what he was in for?


18 dexterity fo sho


He can’t fool me. I’d recognize him anywhere…


I’d like to believe that any skill, no matter how trivial it might seem on the surface, when mastered guarantees the talented individual with free sex forever.


Only if the talent is marriage.


I dunno who you’ve been listening to, but married sex is not free sex. :smile:


True, I make her work for it!

Seriously though, sex is something we want to have with people who arouse us. Physicality ain’t enough. Objectively we’re pretty inelegant critters. Subjectively your genes are hard at work making sure you find numerous other people physically attractive. How to choose with whom among those physically attractive to us to pursue a physical relationship? We seek someone who impresses us somehow, of course. What is impressive is also pretty subjective. One reasonable constant is that accomplishments require time and effort. But then an unexamined life isn’t worth living, so we’re incentivized to achieve goals anyway. That some people with whom one shares a mutual attraction might be impressed by those goals is just icing on the cake. If we pursued those goals merely to attract mates, they would be less attractive; most people recognize the desire for a mate whose fulfillment is independent of them, because we want a compliment, not a mere extension of our own perceived desirability. Ergo, while one must usually work for sex, you’d be doing that work anyway (or else you’re fronting), so in that sense it is “free” (kind of like an honorary doctorate).


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