Watch thousands of robots pack groceries in a warehouse


It would seem like utter insanity to rely on cell modems when you control the roof just a short distance above them(clearly festooned with other cabling).

That said, the antenna collection looks a trifle diverse. One slightly longer one; two paddle-shaped ones on the corners; doesn’t look like the two types are serving the same purpose. I’d assume that at least one is a link from drone to mothership; I’d be curios to know if there is drone-drone communication or sensing going on; or if it’s blind, atomic, individuals kept in harmony only by the will and design of the controller; like Leibnitz’s monads eking out a living in the post-industrial service economy.


I don’t understand what’s so bad about going to a store and talking to the lady at the checkout counter, maybe even smiling at each other.


I want to select my own produce.


The grocery wars continue…

“Ocado believes Kroger to be the grocer best-positioned to win in US grocery and will discontinue discussions with other US-based retailers,” the companies said in a statement.

“The deal should help Kroger compete with Amazon (AMZN), which has entered the grocery delivery market in a big way.”


A longer - and much geekier - video has more detail:

Seems they are using the 4G physical layer (orthogonal frequency domain multiple access, OFDMA) within the barn, but then spinning their own code on top.

This video also gives (even if only by background glimpses) a bit more info on how the system works - the wheelie bots dropping their picks down to a lower level, then robot arms packing the selections. After all the marketing bullshit vids, nice to actually hear the background noise of our impending robot overlords rolling around - at least they’re constrained to a grid for now, wonder if any of the staff have programmed overnight PacMan simulations?
(don’t be stupid, of course they have… :rofl:)

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