WATCH Trump rioters "shout fuck the blue" before Ashli Babbit and others breach a barricaded door

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I won’t say her name.



People who argue we should channel more funding away from armed police response and into social services = cop-hating extremists

People who scream “fuck the blue” and actually murder cops = patriotic protesters


This is all fucking terrible. All of it.


A researched, documented, point-by-point evaluation of Babbit’s journey from Obama voter to QAnon by the always-rigorous bellingcat folks:


The terroritst threatening the police with violence before they gave up their post should be arrested for criminal threatening.


Is it still too early to discuss Gun Control?


We haven’t finished either our thoughts or our prayers. We don’t get any gun control unless we finish our thoughts and prayers,


3rd cop to be killed by right wing extremist violence in the past 12 months. Plus about the 300 officers dead from Covid, also at the hands of right wing stupidity


Crap, I’m still working on the last round of thoughts and prayers, gotta hustle.


Before there’s judgement and blame casting, let’s back up and insist this was an avoidable tragedy and shouldn’t have come close to happening in the first fucking place.


I’m all for gun control, however, she was killed by a senior member of the capitol police and it appears he hit what he was aiming for.


WT actual Fuck! Watching the cops just passively stand there while violent mob smashes the windows around them. Then they just calmly walk away to let the mob continue to smash their way in???


Read the article. This is whole thing is so sad. Not pathetic-sad, just sad-sad. :frowning:


Jesus Christ those first few police guarding the door were terribly brave and calm. I imagine they were terrified inside, it looked like they were very underprotected and underarmed for such a situation. I understand why they didn’t lash out, and applaud them for holding the fort until the armed officers arrive. All of those protesters should be jailed for at least 10 years and maybe one good thing to come out of Trump’s insane new laws will be that these terrorists automatically get a stiffer prison sentence thanks to Trump’s law intended to be applied to BLM and other protesters.


They were outnumbered by well over 10 to 1 – physically escalating wouldn’t bring them any closer to controlling the situation, it would have only gotten a lot of people including themselves hurt. They held their position until better-equipped tactical officers arrived to relieve them.


Read the bellingcat article cited earlier and look at the floorplan diagram. It seems like no one expected anyone to make it that far into the building or down multiple corridors to a side door.

They were outnumbered by a mob, with a barricaded door behind them. If they had used force the outcome would have been even worse. They held their post until other officers arrived and didn’t escalate the situation.

There are absolutely officers who aided the mob at various points, but I wouldn’t consider these to be among them.

The failure isn’t with those individuals, but the security as a whole and even more so the unchecked rise of a facist leader which allowed the situation to come to this.


Donnie knew those assholes had zero chance of taking control of the government.
Thing is he has been non stop killing off his own base since at least the advent of Covid.
Huge rallies with mask free lemmings. Event after mask free events in the offices and residence of the Cheeto.
Riling his law and order and god fearing thugs to violence and march into what could only result as it did.
And all of it to do nothing but stroke his own ego.
There was absolutely no political gain to what we saw the other day.


Nothing of the sort. What’s going to actually happen is Repubs are going to wash their hands of the Trump/Q faction and call for strengthening of Homeland Security. I just know the lobbyists are chomping at the bit right now.


So couple things:

  1. I am assuming the 3 guys at the beginning were security and not cops, that is they weren’t armed? If they were, they failed to control the situation and let it get out of hand. From what I have seen in general, they were understaffed and under geared for the level of aggression and number of people at the protest.

  2. I am having a really hard time calling that a justified shoot. Possibly he didn’t mean to. Possibly there was something else that the film doesn’t show that made him think there was an immediate threat. ETA - It has been pointed out the woman was climbing through the window. That would be breaching the door and if his job was to make sure no one got passed to the congress people within, then I would consider that justified.

  3. Had they held the doors for a little longer, or the back up arrived a bit sooner, probably would have been avoided.

What’s to discuss? In this case the only people with guns appears to have been authority.