Watch: video of earthquake on ocean floor

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I’m surprised; I would have thought it would kick up a lot more sediment.

So are you safe from a tsunami when you are underwater? Does it depend on the depth? Do you jump into the boat and head for deeper water when you see this? I would be worried if I saw this.

Actually, yes; if you are in a boat and can get out to deeper water, do so. Tsunamis gain most of their destructive power from the runup of millions of tons of water being compressed as they reach shallows, and inertia will keep it moving inexorably inland. At sea, a tsunami is frequently barely noticeable, except by the special buoys that monitor tsunami waves.

eta: if you are underwater, location is everything. Deep water, not such a problem. Shallow water near a beach, you’ll get grabbed by the wave and pulled along with everything else in a big watery mosh pit.


Shaken, not stirred.

Awful. You can hear the screams of the microfauna as they plummet to their tiny deaths, or are crushed under grams of tumbling debris.

[EDIT: Sorry. Got a bit dark there.]


Who needs fronds with anemones like you?


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