Watch Viola Davis’ moving Critics’ Choice acceptance speech for #SeeHer Award

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Luv huh.


Glad to see it. A well deserved award to be sure. I caught HTGAWM on Netflix a few years ago not really expecting to enjoy it, but I was very quickly hooked, in large part due to Viola Davis being truly awesome.

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She’s out there, somewhere, watching all this trump/America misogyny being flung here and there, listening to yet another dude drop into, “Well, actually”, or maybe she’s being told by some theocrat wanna-be pharmacist that she can’t have this birth control because he’s decided his religious beliefs are more important than her right to control her body.

There’s a whole set of women out there thinking to themselves, “Not in my America, trump and trump-likes. When I get on stage, and I will be getting on stage, I’m gonna throw your dumbasses right the fuck out.”


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