Antisemitic YouTube star Pearl Davis faces an unexpected backlash from Piers Morgan

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Exactly. All it does is keep giving them a platform to spread their hate. Stop talking to these people.


Pearl seems like a pleasant woman. /s

What a vile human being. It’s scary to think how many other people like her exist in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that she and many others like her are soo upfront with their sick ideals. I makes it a bit easier to know who to avoid. But damn.

Brooke Goldstein really nails it, “This is what is profitable now. This clickbait. This type of racial incitement is profitable on the internet.”


Bullshit. She knows what all the ridiculous conspiracy theories are (she already said “the more they talk the more I think maybe they are right”). And anyway if she or anyone else were truly curious they can find them online. I found out about them long before the internet was even around.

Complaining that “we can’t talk about them” is just complaining that “we can’t promote them.”


‘I’ve always thought Morgan was an unpleasant person’

Your instincts are correct, although ‘deeply unpleasant’ is closer to the mark.


It’s absolutely horrifying to see this type of anti-Semitic discourse creeping into popular media.


Ah yes, the old “You’re not allowed to say what I’m saying right now!”


She seems… n… nazi? Not sure why I have the question mark there tbh.


Neither Morgan nor YouTube is required to give her a platform.


There’s no rational argument with someone like this. And this is a mistake that my community makes, the Jewish community. Very often that they think they can bring facts to the table, that they can debate somebody like Pearl. You’re not gonna get anywhere. You’re going to get somewhere only by shedding the light on this type of bigotry to expose.

In other words,

that men should be able to hit women back

If the women happen to be Nazis, it’s okay for anyone to hit them, period.


It is, but sadly isn’t surprising. Over the past eight years, mainstream conservative parties in the West have given their tacit approval for anti-Semites and other assorted bigots to be open in their hatemongering. Corporate media outlets and social media companies have rushed to give them platforms, claiming it’s for “free speech” and “open discourse” but really doing it for engagement, clicks, ratings and circulation. In the U.S. and UK we’re back to a level of normalisation of open hate speech that wasn’t seen in society at large since 1945.

Also, to be clear, we do need to be made aware of Nazi scum like Pearl Davis – sunlight remains the best disinfectant. That doesn’t mean she had to be handed a loudspeaker by sensationalists like Morgan or allowed by YouTube to be a “star”.


Honestly Nazi men hitting Nazi women is like the one situation where it doesn’t seem like a good thing any more. :frowning:


why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why is the point never relentlessly driven home in these “debates” that “free speech” doesn’t exist on private platforms, and that censorship only exist when the government does it? it wasn’t even mentioned in this exchange. :roll_eyes:

not only that, but she says things like “social media is the new public square, so we should be able to say anything we want there,” without mentioning that the actual public square she romanticizes still exists and she can physically go there any time she wants to say whatever she wants. but… she doesn’t actually want that public square. she wants private companies to be forced to electronically broadcast her “free speech” to a worldwide audience from the comfort and convenience of her own bedroom, without that pesky need to deal with real people in the real world as she would have to in the actual literal public square.


Because facts and nuance get in the way of outrage, and Piers Morgan’s business model is outrage and high dudgeon. He could not give the slightest hint of a fuck what the facts are, so long as the outcome is angry stupid people. The other, of course, is a Nazi, and …

It is in her interest to force private companies to broadcast her hate.


‘Pearly Things’ = opportunistic White woman capitalizing on her unearned privilege and telling bitter angry people what they want to hear.

She can kick rocks with no socks, and I hope her inevitable bad karma is painful.


pearl’s argument is some conversations get shut down and cannot be re-litigated. she doesn’t seem to understand the point could have been made without causing upset in any particular community. she got lazy and here she is.

Not really… many Americans don’t live near a “public” square anymore, since much of that space is now owned by private corporations, who as you note, have less legal pressure to broadcast a wide variety of speech. Plus, the number of people you’ll reach, whatever your message, is far smaller. This is why the far right has long organized online - because of the reach it gives them.

They seem to be happy to do so, given how much truly vile content gets broadcasts on social media, but how often criticism of the far right gets censored. The social media platforms are very selective in how they punish people for what they do or say on their platforms.


Because this was probably on UK TV and this is not something that most Europeans believe?

Include me in that. Private media can, and constantly does, censor speech it doesn’t like.

They tend to like having Nazis on though because their supporters are gleeful at the platform, the sensible centrists have a smug glow at just how grown up they are that they can have these people they thoroughly disagree with on, and ordinary decent people are enraged. Engagement!


My initial knee-jerk snarky reaction to this story when it appeared yesterday was typed and then deleted without posting three times as I struggled between voicing my thought vs potentially offending the community.

So I’ll blur it:

”Oh look, a c*nt arguing with a twat :roll_eyes:


Even here in the states, there is lots of that kind of thing by private corporations. As you note, they constantly boost the signal for the right wing, but do all they can to silence any criticism of the right wing.