Watch: Weather report gets weird when hit with a trippy technical glitch

That is the best weather report port I have seen in forever.


When Hanawins takes over the weather.

Wow, that’s really neat! Do you discover these techniques on “accident,” or do you spend a lot of time trying to find these types of shots?

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There was a classic Sesame Street segment that used this effect.

Many hours have been spent just playing around with the contraption, through many iterations and evolutions - you can see a chronicling of all of it here:walkswithdave (Posts tagged videofeedbackkineticsculpture).


But did she find out who Rey’s parents were?

Girl on girl action, please. :crazy_face:

Well, we had the Eleusinian mysteries, but Theodosius put the kibosh on that in 392.

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I sometimes get optical migraines that give me a B&W pixelated image like that background (sans cat). Not as ordered as that - more ever changing.

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