Watch: When Sen. Rubio said banning assault weapons would rid us of "every semi-automatic" he didn't expect cheers

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Little Marco Rubio? A more useless POS political dingelberry is hard to find.
But not impossible!


See, the stupidity is just an act, they do understand.


Hey the Aussies did it!

Ohhhh but the minority gun fetishists, ohhh what would become of them?

Well, their congress critters would lose their power. Sad.


ok, so buy back 650k guns? That takes care of one guy in Texas. Phew! keep up the good work boys!


Christ, what an asshole


Unless you stumble into the GOP Freedom Caucus get-together, swarm, klan meeting…


I thought it was pretty weird to see the actual president of the United States on TV the other night saying that “something needed to be done” but not actually offering to do anything himself.
The republicans obviously don’t want to do anything about America’s gun problem, but I don’t think the democrats do either.


They get the same reaction when they talk about the “terrible” prospects of single-payer universal healthcare. In the end, the GOP represents two constituencies: multi-millionaires (human and legal fictions) that don’t want to pay taxes, and the Know-Nothing 27%. They’re holding the rest of the country back.


Disagree. The effectiveness is, of course, debatable, but the assault weapons ban was certainly “a thing,” the effort to pass universal background checks was certainly “a thing.” Both-sides-ing this issue is not helpful. The Dems are willing to move legislation forward to address the gun issue, the Repubs will not even discuss it, nor allow it to be discussed, despite a significant majority of their own voters being in favor of it. This is a GQP issue. Period.


There is no reason civilians at all should have semi auto guns with detachable magazines holding 10 or more rounds.

A good way to encourage people to give up excess hoarded guns besides buybacks is mandatory liability insurance. If you want to take your gun off your property, it will be an annoying (but not onerous) cost.


This is all self-evident to reasonable people. But try and tell that to a guy whose self-image and masculinity are so wrapped up in owning these weapons that he also has an armoury of disingenuous and fallacious counterpoints (most of them from the NRA Collection). We can (and must) waste our time de-bunking those BS arguments, but as long as GOP politicians like Rubio are carrying water for a death cult he’ll get to keep his deadly collection.


There, I fixed it for you. No need for all the modifiers.


Or just sue them into oblivion…


The best gun control argument I can see as actually working in this country is the “treat them like cars” plan. Driver’s test/gun test, driver’s license/gun license, car title & registration/gun title & registration (and therefore title transfers!), driver’s insurance/gun insurance (bad/young/risky drivers cost more to insure and so should bad/young/risky gun owners), driver infraction laws (and therefore a points system that can lead to suspension of license)/gun infraction laws (and therefore a points system that can lead to suspension of license).

One issue is that taxes and fees for these kinds of things disproportionately burden low-income people. And so now we’ve got an issue where socio-economically depressed people are deprived to some degree from that use that richer people aren’t. I mean, that’s “just like cars” too. So you’re too poor to own a car now good luck getting to your job, medical care, school, etc. So, that sucks. (I do realize that car-ownership is much more of a basic need to prosper in this world than gun ownership is). I, for one, think the majority of government fees should be collected through a progressive income tax system (federal on down to local). No sales tax, vehicle registration taxes. Keep property tax and maybe tax luxury goods (diamonds, rolexes, cars >$100k, shit like that). Taxing toilet paper is criminal.


In the end it’s not the terrible burden that (usually white, usually financially secure) ammosexuals make it out to be whenever someone makes this reasonable suggestion.


Many hunting rifles are semi auto but can only carry 5 rounds. I’m OK with that. I would not shed a tear if all semi auto guns are banned.


The mass murderer in Texas had a few grand to spend on machine guns. :man_shrugging:


Fair point. I’d love to hear if any actuaries have done the math on a premium rate for, say, a 9mm handgun w/ a 15rd clip stored in locked safe and owned by a person that has been background-checked and licensed by the state.


But they don’t need to be semi automatic. I have long said that there is no legitimate use of a gun for a civilian that needs semi automatic functionality. And that includes hunting, sport shooting and even home defense if you believe that’s a legitimate reason to own a gun (I don’t).