Watch Yoko Ono's incredible "Cut Piece" performance art from 1964

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Creepy asshole ends 1964 performance art piece.


This is a favorite of mine for one reason. In 2014 we took the kids to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, like my mother had done with my brothers and I when we were young. They had a retrospective exhibit celebrating their 75th anniversary, which included showing “Cut Piece” on a loop. My 8 year old son was mesmerized. Later he told me he was worried that someone was going to hurt her, so we went back and watched the whole thing to make sure she was okay. Though I told him this was recorded a long time ago and they probably wouldn’t be showing it if someone hurt her.


You want creepy?

“What I learned was that … if you leave it up to the audience, they can kill you …”


Great. Now let’s do Steve Bannon.

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Well I was going to go straight to his quondam boss, but with hindsight I do appreciate the superior subtlety of your solution.

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Creepy. This the first word that comes to mind after determining it be she. I don’t remember why I have this feeling, just that I have it.

Yeah, but that would just turn into Lingchi

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That was hard to watch and even harder to hear the sniggering and background chatter.

Thank you Yoko Ono.

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