Watch Zach Galifianakis make the weirdest talk show entrance ever

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He did an opening monologue on SNL that was one of the funniest opening monologues I can ever remember.

I don’t see it on youtube but it was a variation on this bit.


I really like this guy, really.


All the great comedians are insane.


OK, I like this guy but for me this does not top some of Bill Murray’s entrances to David Letterman. The limo on stage as Liberace is classic, but my fav is where he is driven up to the stage door in the trunk of a Caddy or something similar and thrown on stage, mob-like. Of course, there’s the flying Peter Pan… Uh, so many that all beat this one by Zack.

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A shame he’s best known by the hoi poloi for the Hangover films. I kind of adore him.

Yep, this guy’s stand up routine is a reason to keep the word “Beatnik” around a little longer.

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