Watching these 2 megapreachers defend their private jets is a more effective emetic than syrup of ipecac

I think if they were shot into space, they’d be able to talk even more clearly to God. Without a ship or any sort of suit to interfere with the Lord’s words.

It’s the “A wing and a prayer” upgrade. As long as your constituents keep praying for you, you’ll be fiiiiiine!


Excuse me!


(Also, Calvinism much?)


There’s more “just stupid enough” than hydrogen.

If he took his seatbelt off on a normal plane and, when asked what was up replied “nothing, I’m talking to God right now”, pretty soon he’d have a mouth full of airline carpet while he tried to talk to the air marshalls patting him down for weapons or a suicide vest.

EDIT: There, I watched enough to make a witty comment, please don’t make me watch any more!


Brothers and sisters, let’s spend some time in the Word.

What makes this worse is that they get a great deal of their money from elderly people, who don’t have much money to begin with.


I suppose that’s been true throughout the millennia. Go back 500 years and instead of private jets, the priesthood had solid gold chalices and the finest tapestries and robes. Go back a couple thousand years and instead of tombstones, the priests had bespoke pyramids.

Apparently religion has always been profitable, and for the exact same reasons.


Fantastic stuff. God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost really move in mysterious ways.

There are some fine accounts of life as a parish priest in the South of France, saving young girls souls the old fashioned way.

I can see why the job was popular back in the day. Indulgences sold, sins forgiven, tickets for heaven, and all for some trivial “fees”.

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The Catholic Church is estimated to hold an incredible 71.6 million hectares of land in its bulging real estate portfolio, an area larger than France. Needless to say, the Holy See is the largest non-government landowner in the world, with vast swathes of land in countries from Germany to India.


Real Talk: When you fly on a private jet, you are closer to God. Physically. That’s why they can hear God talking to them and the rest of us can’t.

Actually, anyone above 30,000 feet can hear God, but the liberal heathens in charge of the airlines put in equipment that jams our ability to hear his celestial voice. That way we’ll stay lost.

Do these men sound like they let their jets be used for medical transport for people who can’t afford it normally? No.

Do they sound like they let the jets be used to help families with autistic children who have difficulties with traditional air travel and airports to make trips or go on vacation? Nope.

Drop off emergency medical supplies? Not really.


Jesus needs an airplane to fly?

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No, one jet would be fine, but to save on fuel and landing costs, at the destination, toss them out with a wing suit and a prayer. (Parachute optional.)


Hey, what’s that on the table? Oh, it’s all the low-hanging fruit that these guys gave us to grab.

I’ve known many religious people who are also well read and knowledgeable in various scientific fields. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

Vile people like these two Evangelists don’t take advantage of religious people…they take advantage of desperate and gullible people.


When Jesus needed to travel overseas he went by foot.



Or walk, when possible. He could meet more people that way… or maybe hitchhike? (also, @anon61833566, JINX).