Watchmaker takes apart and compares watches with Swiss and Japanese movements


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@reactionabe, they still believe!!!





We’re talking 'bout these Japanese Movement guys, right? …right?

edit: video changed to a more on-theme one.


“…Swiss movement (~$150) and one with a Japanese movement (~$500)”

Um, no. The narration says they are $825 and $595, respectively.


Fake news! I’ve never been to this “Japan” so how can I possible know it exists! :wink:


Everybody knows that Roosevelt invented “Japan” as part of his false flag attack on Pearl Harbor.

I’m amazed that more people don’t see through the story; it’s such an obvious lie. If you add up the digits in the date 12/7/1941, you get 25 and 25 is 5 squared and 5 is the number of the high elect in the Bavarian Illuminati. Roosevelt was inducted into the Illuminati by his wife Eleanor who was the Luciferi Illuminatus Most Exalted from 1737 to 1978 when she was replaced by Eartha Kitt.




…and, finally, here are the two completely disassembled movements side by side. END.


I can take any two things apart and neatly lay the pieces about prettily. I need you, the expert, to tell me how / why one’s better, or at least why they’re different, given the price point.

If I’m going to watch 29min of watchmaker porn, I expect a happy ending!

[Says the guy wearing a 30 year-old $17.99 digital Timex ‘Ladies’ Expedition.]


The deep state has been around for a long time, man. “Japan.” What will they come up with next, a ROUND planet!!!


You should probably check what it’s worth on Ebay, seems like Timex’s are as collectible and short run as Beanie Babies. I love my $45 Expedition, but I destroy watches fast, and it’s been discontinued and simply can’t be replaced! New ones are hundreds on Ebay.



Good lord, that would be incredibly irresponsible. Put an idea like that out there and it won’t be long before some moron decides to circumnavigate the “globe”, sails over the edge and plummets for a year and a day through the inky expanse of Satan’s antechamber before finally crashing into the great Dome of the Heavens!



Wow, you put WAY too much work into that analysis!


:potato:, Poh-Ta-Ta…


I like to be thorough. :blush:


I saw that… it made me chuckle…


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