Watercooler won't dispense until it finishes updating Windows


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/05/watercooler-wont-dispense-un.html


I hear that can take 30 days


Well… at least it is patching…

After that part, does it have the screen that says:

All your produce are exactly where you left them


All your produce are belong to us!


That’s odd, because when my computer installs an update it does not say “upgrading Windows.” What it does say is “Do not turn off or unplug your computer.”


Drop the pitchforks. This image came from a Reddit thread and it’s simply a background image that was uploaded to the fridge via usb thumbdrive. As in this thing doesn’t run on Windows. Why you need a fridge with a usb port, I don’t know.


If this is the worst thing 2017 has in store for us, I will be happy.


Not to mention Windows is a supremely bad choice for a embedded system like that. $100 more to Bill for just a water cooler? No way.


According to GE, it’s for uploading pictures to your fridge. So, when your kids make digital art, you can still put it on the fridge even if you decide to not connect it to your home network.


There’s also a nonzero chance that the fridge is incompatible with magnets.


I just can’t get magnets to hold my kids tablet up for very long.


Get them a Pixel C, it’ll do that itself.



That would be networked watercoolers. On the other hand, Windows 3.1.1 was actually useful for something.


Windows 10 still bluescreens, right?

It would be sad if we had no more of these to look forward to:


Ahhh… the promises of “Windows Everywhere” finally come to fruition. (or is that hydration?)


or pr0n


or just get a ipad mount for the fridge.


Though apparently, Windows for Submarines is a real thing.


Hmmm, how many gallons does your computer hold? Could be a dispensing issue, have you updated to the SP3 plastic cups?