Waterproof iPod Shuffle


“I’m sure they are great for other water sports and activities too!”

I am a very bad man. I shall go and wash my mind out with carbolic soap.


This is something I’ve wanted for so long I wondered if it was even possible. I’ve seen waterproof cases for regular devices, but never wanted to risk it. Now I don’t have to let the lifeguards dictate what I’m listening to while I do laps. And I don’t have to worry about the sound going in and out.

What to listen, to, though? Here’s the start of a list:

Water Music by Handel
Do The Swim by Little Nell
The River by Bruce Springsteen
Nightswimming by R.E.M.
Drowning by The Beastie Boys

How about downhill skiing to Iron Maiden, while tripping balls?

Not too keen on large amounts of liquid water, myself


What headphones are you using? What is the sound quality like at 60’ underwater?

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I use these, they have some promotion with Underwater Audio. They work well, I find you need to get them in BEFORE you get in the water and keep them in. Remove them and reinsert and the audio quality will go down slightly. For giant step entries, wear a hood!

Quality is OK. It certainly muffles and mumbles at bit as you get deeper. They work better than the old iDive 300’s UW transducers. Rock and roll or music that needs a heavy beat to keep you in it will be interrupted by your regulator and breathing sounds. Jazz, Tranc-y electronica, Classical are all great choices.


I’ve been swimming with headphones for years and I must recommend Swimman/Swimpod headphones for superior sound quality and durability: http://www.swimpodusa.co/home/headsets-in-stock/waterproof-headset-in-stock/

Happy swimming!

The earbuds don’t get pulled out of your ear, by the drag from the water while you swim? I have tried many similar products, and they all suffer from this same problem…

And why doesn’t Apple just apply the water-resistant treatment themselves? Sheesh…

They stay in my ears really well .I have no complaints with this brand…can’t same the same about any other brand I’ve tried (many).

I wonder if they are just dipping and/or spraying the Shuffles with Neverwet?

Could save hundreds of dollars if that’s the case.

I got a waterproof kindle from Waterfi, and it’s great for reading in the bath.

I have no idea what they do, or how they do it; Underwater Audio claims their water-proofed shuffles are good to 200’. It is just a regular, made by Apple, iPod Shuffle they do something magical to.

I believe they fill it with epoxy.

The Drowners by Suede
Ready For Drowning and Tsunami by Manic Street Preachers
Pacific 202 by 808 State
Seven Seas of Rhye by Queen
Waterfall by The Stone Roses

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I can confirm that the first-generation iPod Shuffles were not coffee-proof. The electronics continued to work after their unfortunate bath, but the battery was fried, so the Shuffle only worked when plugged into USB, which is sort of not the point at all. (After that I mainly used it as a memory stick.)

Is it only me that finds it depressing that people want to listen to music on headphones when they’re scuba diving?


Could you explain why it depresses you that somebody else should wish to broaden their range of experiences? This is a serious question, I’m intrigued to know why it bothers you so.

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