Ways to cook bacon

I lost 35 pounds, stopped keto and slowly put most of it back on again, and have lost half of it again after going back on keto.

I suspect the biology of keto is like a commuted death sentence; it saves your bacon, but you’ll never really be free.


But “free” here obviously means “able to gobble vast mountains of carbs in middle age without weight consequences” so prison might be for the best anyway.


The way my mom did fried eggs.
Oh, the color of the grease-cooked yolk!


I remember when it was “save the whales”…


Oven-cooked bacon is by far the best tasting!


When I oven-cook bacon I always make the whole package. What I don’t eat goes in a bag in the freezer for handi-bacon later.


My favorite Bacon method is to shove a roast chicken into a snowbank and then die of pneumonia.


I cannot ever like Ted Cruz. The guy is slime, no matter what stupid shit he pulls. How very Texan though, using a gun for everything.

He and Homer Simpson from the ep where he uses gun to do everything have a lot in common.

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Cooking it outdoors on the barbecue grill side burner reduces the in-house stink to zero. Only convenient if your grill is close at hand, of course.

BTW, pork sausage cooked on the BBQ grill (rack) is the best. Boil it for a bit first to cook it through and then finish on the grill. Soooo good.


When you bake bacon, you wind up with the fumes from it congealing on the inside of the oven. If you don’t clean the oven often enough, it becomes a house fire waiting to happen. Cleaning an oven is an enormous pain in the butt, especially for someone with a bad back.

You don’t need a press of any kind if you fry the bacon the right way. The right way to fry bacon is SLOWLY AT LOW TEMPERATURE. If the heat is low enough, the bacon does NOT spit. The only reason bacon spits during cooking is because you’re trying to cook it too fast at a heat too high. There’s a buildup of heat energy in one small spot and that overexcites the molecules in the grease, and there’s a tiny steam explosion.

If you have the patience to cook your bacon slowly, it will NOT spit, you won’t have grease landing on the stove top, you won’t get burns, it will taste fine, and you won’t have to get down on your knees to clean the oven.


No baking. It changes the texture and my oldest son and I are not fans of it.

I do it for BLTs only because then I can have a large amount done in relatively quick time.

But when I want just a side of bacon it’s pan fry all the way.

Thank you, you incompetent idiot, for showing us a new and unique way to make your rifle barrel rust.

Even with bacon and firearms, Ted Cruz looks like a smarmy wimp who thinks he’s fooling you. What a lool - that’s a word for someone who is so limp he can’t even be a tool.

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I’ve never tried to undress bacon. Is it difficult?


As far as I’m concerned he’s goofing off with a firearm. If only there were some nationwide association that taught firearm safety, to counter nitwits like Ted Cruz playing grabass with guns.


Ways to cook bacon

Just in time for a free and unfettered pork industry!


This. Medium-low heat. Bacon nirvana.


What do you mean by “what I don’t eat”?


Anyone by chance know what type of dog that is? It looks a lot like mine and I have no idea what type of pound pup I got (well beyond the best dog ever.)


I fully expected, and I think not without reason, that there would be more torches and/or robots in this review.

No flamethrowers, no solar-powered autonomous roasters, no bespoke CNS grills, NOT ONE UKULELE.

3/10 would not buy again.

You’re Keto! But I thought you were agin Fad Diets! (j/t)

Finally a topic on BB I know something about.

Well first off, I completely changed my bacon preference when I went paleo some 6 years ago. I don’t burn the life out of it.

Also, I get bacon from my butcher that has no sugar in it. It’s just salt brined and lightly smoked. So because of that, when I cook it in my cast iron skillet it doesn’t leave any residue that often happens with 95% of all other bacons. So I don’t need to clean the pan after. I cook my eggs and vegetables in the same pan, and if there is left over fat in the pan I just leave it for the next meal in 6 hours.

I never under stood the oven method and wasting parchment paper and the clean-up of the pan after, I mean that’s a lot of grease down the sink.