Best way to bake crispy bacon


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At the last restaurant I worked at Wednesday was bacon day. And other than not putting a top layer of paper on the bacon this is how it was done and my god.

So yummy.


Awwwww… I was hoping it involved some more novelty underwear.


The chef that made could have been wearing some but it never occurred to me to ask. There was bacon to be sneaked away. Everyone did, even the boss.


The proper bacon doneness level in my house is: JIGGLY…

I mean that’s how the misses likes it, that’s how I cook it. Besides 300F for 1-2 hours gives a nice chewy doneness.


I feel like i can trust your bacon intel based solely on your name


My method for crispy bacon is to put it in a frying pan and fry it until it is crispy. I didn’t know this was a special skill!


If you skip the Lifehacker article that Mark @frauenfelder chose to link and go right to the Serious Eats article that it is quoting, you see that that article agrees with you, and only suggests this baking approach for baking bacon for a crowd.


This way you throw away that wonderful rendered fat. The fat is the main reason people fry bacon here :wink:


Parboiled potatoes, sliced and pan fried in bacon fat, with extra BCBs*, is one of the greatest foods ever.

*Burnt Crunchy Bits.


yup - perfect results every time for me too - the time to do it is 5-7 mins tops


Bake? How bizarre, one does not bake bacon. One hacks bacon, in a hacking pan, just $89.99 at Ikea.


The way i prepare my bacon for breakfast is i briefly marinade it in balsamic vinegar, paprika, garlic and maple sugar. Then cook on low and slowly raise the heat when it starts to sizzle but still keep the temp fairly low, takes a while but it ends up right in between crispy and chewy. I’m typically not preparing a lot of bacon so the method doesn’t bother me, if i was making a larger amount i’d probably consider using an oven.


deep frying bacon at 325 degrees f for 3-7 minutes results in crispy deliciousness.



You say “crispy,” I ask, “why do you like chewing on glass-like shards of what used to be tasty pork?”


What kind of monster bakes bacon? Bacon is to be fried. That’s the whole point of bacon. You throw it in a pan to listen to its delicious fat pop and sizzle, and it fights back by leaving a burn scar on your forearm and possibly blinding you. That’s the deal we’ve made, and I’ll take it any day.


And I thought bacon was easy… I suppose there is some call for bacon made difficult but the old put it in the pan over medium to low heat until it reaches your optimal bacon state is too easy for some people.


This will probably sound like heresy, but I nuke my bacon. Works well even for the slab style I like and you can get it to just right crispiness with careful timing. Best of all is the clean up is easier since all that splatter is contained in a small area and the drippings are easy to retain.


I’m a fan of medium low heat, frequent turning with a fork, but this does look great for parties.

Am I the only one who enjoys cream cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon? (of course I’m not)