'We all need the D,' claims adorably clueless Canadian ad campaign for Vitamin D


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So what exactly were they talking about on Sesame Street?


Better than the Pork sign…


And that billboard likely was a case of someone not realizing just what the result would look like. Which is not the case here, where they were not clueless as to what precisely “the D” meant:

But the department itself says the campaign was not wholly accidental, adding the bid to target a younger crowd got a little out of hand. It tweaked the ad earlier this week in the face of the mockery.

“When trying to reach a young adult audience, Health and Social Services often reaches for provocative and humorous messaging, to great success,” the government said in a statement.



This could be a case of “if we make it deliberately controversial it will get publicity and spread our message.”

Maybe it was clueless, maybe not.


Listen to The News Quiz from BBC4 - I think a number of publications in the U.K. do things like this intentionally just to get on the show.


When I was in grade school, one of the primary images that I remember seeing of the Soviet Union were Soviet kids receiving The D…


I prefer the C.



Something something where the sun don’t shine.


They were talking about the Model S P90D right?


I dunno - “Pork. The one you love.” is a classic.


I kind of suspect the billboard was deliberate too - you only have to pay to have a few billboards up for a few weeks, and all of a sudden it’s in all the papers, but as a “news” item so you don’t have to pay for the print run, people are hearing about it on the radio who live a hundred kilometres from the nearest billboard ad you bought.


Seems they caught wind of the gaffe, and have since removed the ads from the Internet.

Wait…what? There’s no such thing as a “too successful” public health campaign. People voluntarily sharing and reposting the message furthers the public good on the cheap.

Spineless prudes.


You know that sounds a little fruity, right?


It’s awesome if they planned this to be tongue in cheek.

Reminds me of the “Got Brain?” ads for books and libraries on NYC buses. That was more of a NYC-ism, but still.


Holy hell that was hard to look up on Google. It’s like things that happened in 2004 barely f’ing exist any more.


OMG, it’s only due to a deep respect for Sesame Street that I don’t photoshop the S outta Ds into that!

Is this what maturity feels like? It feels like quitting.


We are talking about the same country that did a national “Flick Off” campaign touting energy conservation.


Ain’t nothing wrong with being honest.