We Are Zogg


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Total solid gold, Weapon Brown, but I must confess the appeal of the tales of the freakish clown is quite lost on me. And I still can’t figure out if we’re supposed to be laughing at the trials of Clarissa.


@beschizza ! Nice voice acting! I had no idea. Out of curiosity, what audio effects did you use?


Code Brown, calling a CODE BROWN!


There is a typo regarding the gas the Zoggians are interested in: page 5 should read “This world must be consumed and its atmospheric carbon dioxide levels increased 900%.”

At last I understand why we humans aren’t doing anything about climate change! Thank you for bringing this gem to my attention.


I’d always imagined Rob’s voice as, well, squeaky, if I’m honest.


Pillow, screamed into for half an hour.

Recorded on a Blue Raspberry mic.

In Adobe Audition, the phaser and chorus. A little EQ, but probably less than you think – was basically eating the mic.





Hehehe. Aha phaser and chorus, cool! Thanks!


OH! I didn’t know that this was done by Jungbluth.

Oh, Dear God.

I’d almost forgotten about Clarissa.

A comic made of the darkest, bitterest substance in the world with a microscopically thin layer of candy coating that makes you pop it in your mouth and then you’re spasming with sadness and horror.

“Soft Friend,” I think was, was the first Clarissa story I read, and really I wish I’d stopped there. I had to read it twice to figure out what was going on. The “evidence” is only there in two or three panels, and once you notice it you go from thinking this kid is an ungrateful brat to someone badly in need of help, and an advocate.



Something I found from that part of the Internet…

Strangely satisfying paint smearing

Strong Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds vibe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRV7CUU5tFk


Christ on a cracker, I’m 99% certain that Jason’s father was my middle school English teacher.


Yep! That’s him! Congrats on your impeccable English!

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