We have found the enemy. It's US

From the input of a previous game. We found an enemy. It’s been identified as US.

Apparently we are in agreement.

What now?

As a non-US citizen and not being into all that sort of thing, an invasion’s off the cards. A sternly worded letter, perhaps?

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I like it. To us?

And… as strategies go. Invasions. Man. You grab a wolf by the ears.

Invading your self to death is as old as… well. Hmm. Hmm.

Pretty recent phenomenon.

Huh. What stupid… huh.

Oh noes.


What, like a BCC? Sure. Can we wait until after the US election though, so we know who to send it to?

Well. I suggest Hillary, cause there won’t be a post office for awhile if its not her… at least not till Kevin Costner goes all trickster poet postman and saves the world again.

Just a sec. I just have to include this reference.

Ok, game on.


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