We pay, others get it for free?

Continuing the discussion from BBC tells Australian govt to treat VPN users as pirates:

So you would gladly pay $236 a year to watch the BBC in America?

It seems a little odd here in the UK, that every household pays for it, and other people around the world to watch it for free. Kind of annoying.

I’ve heard of the license fee for years, but I had no idea it was this much. That’s like 20$ a month, which is about what I’d be willing to pay Comcast for the BBC if we had a la carte pricing and I could opt out of all the Fox ESPN Discovery etc. shit that the packages require you to have. Until that happens, I’ll skip the cable TV.

BBC does need to take it up with the ISPs, yes, but not in the way they have been.

Yep. I’d rather fund Auntie directly for ad free access to the iPlayer, and I’d pay that much.

BBC America is in our cable package, so I pay for it that way too. No idea what proportion of that goes towards that channel but it doesn’t compare to the proper stuff anyway.

I also paid the licence fee for years while living in the US but maintaining a house in the UK.

Oddly, the radio is available for free worldwide, so far as I can tell.

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See, America? Just letting the cops rob people with impunity is dashed infra dig, you know. Our Lizard Overlords have class…

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