We regret to inform you the Adorable Irma Cop is racist

when you’re given lemons?

:lemon: -> :tropical_drink:

actually, never mind. when you’re given lemons take that #@$! back to the dealer.

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point of correction, police are civilians. that they think they’re not is part of the problem.



If they’re civillians, then they ought to be subject to civil law.

They get convicted of murder when they intentionally kill people who aren’t threatening them about as often as a total solar eclipse happening the day after a lunar one. This would suggest that they’re being improperly favored.


Divorce papers in 3, 2, 1…


Yeah, I immediately went to double entendre thoughts when he spoke of his wife “taking it like a champ.” I also continue to marvel at anti-government zealots that end up in taxpayer funded professions.


There was some mental health survey they used to routinely give to police officers. In it, they asked whether, in the previous X months, officers had done [a, b, c], where those were descriptions of domestic abuse. 40-something percent freely admitted they had, which means we could safely assume that a solid majority of police were domestic abusers. It’s been a few years since they did the survey (I suspect they stopped at least in part because the responses were so alarming), but since police departments haven’t done anything to clean themselves up in that regard, it’s safe to assume that’s still the case.
The anti-government contingent of law enforcement (Oath Keepers, et al) really got big during the Obama years - racism was so clearly a motivating factor there. Now they’ve got Trump explicitly backing them up. It’ll be interesting - by which I mean disturbing - to see how that all plays out now that the Justice Department is giving them a free pass but we also have BLM putting some pressure on them…


Yeah, if you were to take any random “hot” cop, I hate to say it, but it’s probably a safe bet to assume that they’re racist, given the state of America’s law enforcement. (Also, sadly, that they’re domestic abusers.) American law enforcement is a bit of a mess…


GASP!!! A Florida cop???

no argument there. my point was just that, by our choice of language, we can give them a tacit approval… or not.

it’s not a war zone, both we and they are civilians. neither they ( nor our soldiers ) are heroes for simply doing the job they were hired to do. they aren’t “good guys” chasing down “bad guys” - police are mainly glorified meter maids and under-trained social workers. most of them don’t deserve guns, and most of them don’t need guns.

our society puffs them up, and they believe it because everyone likes a compliment. but it’s this attitude of ours that feeds their behavior and it’s our behavior that lets many of them get away with harassment and some with murder.


For what it’s worth, Neanderthals didn’t have strong chins:


But here I thought that Jews were White, and therefore White Supremacists? Did he not get the memo that people on this forum were telling? Or, gasp, is this topic perhaps more complicated than the reductive White/POC narrative likes to suggest?

Nah, can’t be that.

It’s not like there wasn’t an assault on a pair of Jewish women in that bastion of Jewish Whiteness, New York City, just two days ago for the crime of being Not White (specifically being misidentified as Muslim).

But I do find it horribly ironic that a number of people who told me that Jews are White (Supremacists) are suddenly filled with concern when actual white supremacists start emphasizing that, no, Jews aren’t White.




Point of clarification: do you mean the “hot cop” image going viral was the non-important thing? Or that this discussion of his bigoted posts about Jews is non-important? I mean, is his bigotry the tempest in a teapot, or his handsome mug going viral?

You can see how this distinction might be important, of course.

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Am I reading your response correctly that it intended to emphasize the idea that Jews can be white supremacists and the target of white supremacists?

Yes this of course, why would the 2nd part of him being outed as a bigot be the unimportant thing?


Pretty sure that’s what was meant; it was a slow news days, so a “hot cop” pic went ‘viral’… and then it turned into a real story when it turned out the cop is a flagrant bigot.


Not quite correctly, in terms of intended emphasis. I intended to indicate that a Jewish person can be both taken as white and a target of white supremacists. As many credible observers (including Jewish ones) have pointed out, some Jewish people have in many ways “become white” in the U.S., i.e., they get taken for white on a daily basis, and accordingly enjoy the perquisites of whiteness. That doesn’t mean that the whiteness they embody in the eyes of others is the same as the whiteness embodied in the eyes of others by other sorts of apparently white people.

As for whether a Jewish person who can be taken as white can also be a white supremacist, sure, why not?


Thanks, that’s what I thought you meant. I just thought there was room for misinterpretation that might warrant clarification.

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Put me on the list, I’m disappointed. Part of something I loved about this place was the wonderful meandering ways some conversations took, but there’s times I think that’s not really called for as it does downplay the incident in question as not worthy of serious discussion. If it was about a poc and mister44 derailed the thread talking about the gear the cops had in the photo people would be all over his shit. Yet here we have lengthy and ongoing banter over whether or not the cops were hot, what physical attributes constitute a Neanderthal, what’s a frat boy, and (gasp!) It happened in Florida.

I don’t see but one flagrantly problematic surviving post but what I do see is it’s okay to derail because it’s about the Jews.