"We trust children with freedom" - interview with Toca Boca creative director about Scandinavian education


the boingboing link didn’t work for me—found this.

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i’m always torn by toca boca. the apps are addictively good. so good that my 4 y.o. doesn’t want to put it down. so much for freedom.

Actually, reading is done from left to right.

Unless you are reading Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc… then reading is done from right to left… or form right to left…

But some of this sounds very akin to Montessori practice, especially the no grades, the emphasis on play, outdoor time, and the low pressure environment, especially for younger kids.

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Don’t forget the up/down issue in Japanese and Chinese!

Read it again. This time like a proofreader.

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I did… did you see the “form” comment I made… Mainly because I noticed your italics of from…

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The music reminds me of De De Mouse:

Doh! I missed it because I was being too clever to see how clever you were being.

It’s all good, we can be clever together! We have such good taste in our cleverness…

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