Weasel electrocuted at CERN to go on museum display


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Oh sure. The weasel in this dimension was electrocuted. But in the dimension the duplicate was transported to everything is hunky dory.


Dead animals? Now that’s poetry!


No no no they need to put his head on a spike by the gates to serve as a warning to other weasels.


At first I thought it got into the experimental area and got killed. I don’t know why, but I pictured a modern Grace Hopper trying to tape a weasel into her logbook…


So, the smartest people on the planet are playing with dominoes and getting drunk and swallowing fish.

we’re screwed.


This weasel gave its life FOR SCIENCE!!


I assumed a Hadron would leave a more obvious mark, even a small one.


Did it jump the fence or did it slip in through cracks in space-time?


Put a bottle in it.


That’s weird because if you bring corpses to CERN and put them in the beam they become reanimated. I’m pretty sure.



Found the one that I was actually looking for…


I’m trying to take a glass-half-full perspective and say there’s one less weasel for us to worry about but I have a bad feeling this is going to lead to weasels discovering trans-dimensional travel and, well…I would say I welcome our new weasel overlords, but people might accuse me of being…hmm, what’s a good animal synonym for “prevaricating”?


Rest in Peace, Weasel.


a weasel-like stone marten

Stone martens ARE weasels.

Weasel covers the whole genus Mustela within the family Mustelidae.

This weasel is a hero as he jumped in there to prevent a crack in the universe that would have let though non-euclidean ice weasels minions of the great old one.

Also … SO CUTE!


we know. it says so in the thread title.



Curiosity killed the cat.


If Rotterdam’s got the weasel, who has the flag?