Thief unwittingly steals 16 bottles of oil extracted from weasels' anal glands


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Sooo, worked as intended then?


I wish I could feel bad for the thief when it discovers what it actually got, but I mostly feel amused by that part.


Do we know that weasel anal gland secretions are not drugs?


I’m still trying to get over the fact that New Zealand has a thief. If this crime wave keeps up they might have to hire a cop.


This feels like a theme, or at least a genre. “Thief mistakes [scientific resource] for [generic valuable] and steals it. Won’t they be surprised!”


Well that’s a new spin on referring to random tweakers as “hopped up on weaseldust”.


Based upon my extensive knowledge of heists in cinema and television, this is only step one of a much grander scheme.


Thief unwittingly steals 16 bottles of oil extracted from weasels’ anal glands

Best headline ever!!!


yeeeaaaahhh… “unwittingly” …


I know, right?

WAY TO KINKSHAME, jerkbutts.



I guess if you’re intending to comit a crime and you think the police might try and use dogs to track you, you could blot out all possible smells with this stuff (while some how not getting any on you).
Of course, I assume that in NZ it’s the same as the UK and that would count as assaulting a police officer.


Seriously. Six months later, at the Louvre: Mon dieu! That stench! Everyone out! Not you, recently hired janitor who looks like George Clooney in a fake moustache. You get in there and clean it up.


Why wouldn’t you just buy deer urine or something cheaper? I think they just thought it was a drug.


If it is anything like the anal glands in dogs, they are in for a bad time.

Fun fact, my vet once squirted a spray of that stuff right into his gritted teeth.



Area man hospitalized after attack by mob of amorous weasels


Edit: Until today I swore it was Stinky WEASLEteats…oh well, the video still stands on its own


Perhaps the pungent smell will make it easier for tracking dogs to find the culprit.