Weaseling about surveillance, Australian Attorney General attains bullshit Singularity


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That’s not George Brandis. That’s John Clarke and Bryan Dawe, comedians.


The guy sounds like he wouldn’t think his lobbyists had steered him wrong if he had driven off a cliff.


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Well isn’t that what lobbyists are for? To give our leaders the benefit of their expertise with a neutral, unbiased explanation of important issues?

Yep. Poe’s Law is in effect. Gotcha!

I love how John Clarke here is clever enough to make the meaningless distinction sound just clear enough to sound like a real policy.


Typical politician: repeating talking points.

This is a bit more complicated than it appears. This is indeed Clarke and Dawe who are comedians. They usually cleverly lampoon politicians through a mock interview format. In this instance though the politician they are lampooning, the hapless and ignorant George Brandis, gave a real car crash of an interview and they are merely lip synching to that interview because it was so appallingly cringe inducing that it has made satire redundant.
Edit: Someone else has dubbed that interview over the top of one of their old pieces.Still funny.


I think this is the real video that this audio came from:


Perhaps the better headline: “Comedians Clarke and Dawe Simply Read Transcript of Brandis Interview on Surveillance.”

Wow, the satire and source material are equally as funny :smiley:

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Haven’t they just thrown the original Brandis interview audio over the top of Clark & Dawe? Sounds identical to me and the audio’s clearly not lining up with the video…

Oops, looks like that fact has been touched on a few times in the comments already!


As a person that has been working on DNS issues for the past fees weeks, I giggled

I thought the Roast depicted the popular reaction to the Government’s latest total fucktastrophe quite nicely. Skip to 3:35 unless you want to enjoy some Australian News parody.

It seems rather obvious to me: the front fell off!


Is Cory going to acknowledge the edit and replacement of the video (i.e. the crux of the story)? Without that, most of the comments above look slightly unhinged.

I honestly though Cory had deliberately used the overlay of those two Australian comedians to highlight the idiocy and surreality of the Ministers actual behaviour.

Hope @doctorow didn’t think we were too gallingly dumb to get the joke… or maybe it really was a mistake.


Just to point out that there is a difference between keeping a record of the name of every file (webpage) that you have downloaded to your computer and keeping a copy of the contents of that page. So the government would know that I have visited this discussion thread, but NOT what I or others have said on it. This seems to be what the minister is either trying to communicate or less charitably, trying to understand.

Electronic address of the web site.

Like, as opposed to the gravitational web address?

/years ago, I pointed out the sign “Digital MP3 Players” to a staffer in a store. -“As opposed to an analog MP3 player, eh?”


That “Broadcorping Castration” was first uttered AFAIK by Ted Ziegler, when he was working for the Canadian Broadcorping Castration, and not during a comedy routine.