Web's inventor and MIT prof explain ICANN to Ted Cruz, using small words

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The Bush administration adopted this treaty with executive order #12858 bypassing the normal Senate procedures setting precedence for his predecessors to expand upon. The absence of the usual ICLEI local government membership list, http://icleiusa.org/blog/iclei-tracking-federal-funding-opportunities-for-local-sustainability, for the past few years while some state legislators introduce bills to block these initiatives speaks for itself. Most city councils, along with their city manager, break down their various revenues to determine the compensations levels on the outcome of their performance goals. The city where I reside openly acknowledged their membership in ICLEI but when questioned during a town hall meeting, council denied any active participation during their membership status and stated they did not renew their membership. This meeting took place in 2009 and their membership remained active on ICLEI’s list until their last publication in 2013. Since open membership is politically damning in some municipalities, a new organizations started to fill the void, enter the “Star” Green Cities program sponsored by International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), the United States Green Building Council, the Center for American Progress and the Florida Green Building Coalition. The goals are (I) acknowledges the “Green City” initiative as a voluntary means for municipalities to take positive steps toward improving and advancing our environmental quality and energy security; (2) will work with ICLEI, the United States Green Building Council, the Center for American Progress and the Florida Green Building Coalition in their efforts to develop a national “Star” Green Cities program and, upon development, will encourage municipalities to participate in the initiative, and will seek ways to assist municipalities in the development of programs that achieve their standards and designation; and (3) encourages the President, Congress and state governments to support the advancement and expansion of the “Star” Green City program in a manner that is economically feasible and which respects the diversity and home rule authority of America’s municipalities. All this sounds noble until the citizens looks under the hood, follow the money. This link offers a better in-depth look at the actual operation, http://whatisagenda21.net/agenda21.htm,

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You mean you haven’t heard that synonym for “uncountably many”?


What about THAC0?

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Even with his Armani of Protection +4, Scroll of Constitutional Prevarication, and +3 Bastard Sword he only hit the witless Troll King in 12 out of 50 attacks, so I think it’s around a 15.


The ICANN is like a booger on your lip.

You can either flick it away, or eat it.

But that would be gross.

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