Website charges 99 cents to see who paid 99 cents to see who paid 99 cents


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This is so much like a leaderboard, I find it astonishing nobody has named themselves “penis” yet.


I’ll wait for the 76 cents version at the Walmart.


You can read this comment for free. You’re welcome.


It’s a steal at 99c cents - but overpriced at a dollar.


Recursiveness squared

Saying "Avogadro's Number" Avogadro's Number of times

And I’m sure this website won’t sell the info of every, uh, subscriber to unscrupulous marketers. A sucker is born every minute, indeed.


Why would I pay $0.99 for just names, when I can get all of their personal info for free from a Facebook hack?


Well, there’s the legend of the man who has played every single arcade console in the world. No one knows his real name, we know him only as:



What a refreshing idea. Reminds me of this:


this does pretty much the same thing for free:

while [ sucker ]
printf “sucker “



Shit was only 99 cents…



Looks like the enterprising Mathafacka Stypedkant has set the bar much higher. :rofl:


Go for it, dude. Only cost ya $.99.


I’m in the US. The bandwidth alone is expensive.

I’m at work, tho

Is stealing free?


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