Website claims to fix "stuck" pixels

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I suspect that success will depend on what kind of stuck you are dealing with.

At least on older or lousier LCDs, it is possible to cause visible discolorations by displaying static output for a sufficiently long time(a good candidate is the Windows login screen, in computer labs, libraries, etc. where the admins haven’t set a screen power down time, that’s where you could always find some examples in college). Apparently these annoying ‘shadow’ markings can sometimes be dealt with by enough vigorous cycling of the affected pixels.

The one that was there when you first powered up the monitor? Back when vendors still claimed that ‘some’ subpixel defects were a natural and unavoidable part of life, and not a reason for warranty coverage, I guess it would be worth trying, along with poking at it with a pencil eraser and all the other folk remedies; but in these days of modernity and progress there’s less need for witchcraft and more need for swearing at your vendor.


Also it cures dandruff if you watch the image flickering while holding your breath.


Not after visiting the website, you don’t.


Did not work for a bright white pixel on my screen.




If memory serves, white pixels are the ‘default’ (and presumably in their minds normative) state for at least TN LCD displays(you have to apply power in order to make the pixel less transparent and more black); but the reverse is true for OLED displays, and possibly some of the other LCD variants.

Damn. It also causes seizures in the process.


it works best with these special vga , dvi , and hdmi cables ~ anyone can hear the difference , not just those with special training ~

After staring at that screen for 15 minutes, I am happy to report my pixels are all the way loose.


Ha. I love how you have to drag this stupid noisy box around to the “stuck pixels”. I mean if this concept worked, why not just create noise across the fullscreen?

Huh. I just tried it for 15 minutes with a stuck red pixel my monitor has had since I got it a few years ago, and it didn’t immediately go away… but a few seconds after I moved the noise box to check on it, the bugger flickered a bit. I rubbed it a bit with my fingernail, and it went dark. It’s flickered back on briefly a couple of times, but it certainly seems to have had an effect.

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