Website shows you which government positions you can run for

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What Loser made this? The site doesn’t even show which positions I could profit most from. Sad!


What a clever way to gather a list of IP addresses and physical addresses.


The link is broken for me. It should be:


Or enter someone else’s address from your neighborhood, and always be using a VPN.

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That was the first thing I thought of too!

“Hey, NSA guys, here’s a list of people we need on the maximum-detail-retention-for-future-leverage list in case they actually do decide to enter politics.”

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I just played with it a little, all it actually needs is a nearby zip-code.

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Or just go to your county auditor’s elections website.

For those college and school board positions, best to describe yourself as “professional educator” for the ballot. Blogger? Or cubicle monkey verifying invoice amounts?

Professional Educator.


I like how now matter what San Francisco Bay Area ZIP code I entered it said I could run for office in Chicago. Good ol’ Chicago politics!


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