Weed prohibitionists caught telling lies


Do you really need “facts” to know that drugs are bad?
Weed = drugs
Drugs = bad

And don’t start throwing out red herrings like a little harmless alcohol and tobacco.


Drugs can turn yer brain right off! I got proof!


The actual number, as Schwerzler was forced to admit the following day, is zero.

Dude, were you high?


To be filed under ‘fuckwits and/or arseholes’.


But of course it’s too late to stop the mailings that went out all over the state with all this FUD printed on them.


thus inflates the number of deaths by 150 percent

Wait… If the actual number of deaths is zero, then inflating that by 150% is still zero. Maybe if I toke up, these numbers will make more sense to me.


Perhaps they were including deaths from injecting marijuanas?



With the legalization/decriminalization taking hold in many communities I have found that there is an increasing number of what I think is the best unintentional comedy out there, that is, stories of people who have gotten themselves in over their heads with cannabis edibles.

A toxic dose is still MANY, MANY multiples of what these people are getting. So its ok to laugh along with these people and their hilarious( for them -in retrospect ) stories.

There is one I would like to share, a favorite, enjoy.


ZOMG I’d only ever heard stories about that story!

[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:43765”] “there have been five infant children deaths in Colorado that have picked up those drugs.” The actual number, as Schwerzler was forced to admit the following day, is zero.
a child is more likely to die from choking on a pot candy then from the THC in the candy…true story.


From an article two clicks deep:

Pongi consumed more than one cookie purchased by a friend - even though a store clerk told the friend to cut each cookie into six pieces and to eat just one piece at a time, said the reports obtained Thursday.

Pongi began shaking, screaming and throwing things around a hotel room before he jumped over a fourth-floor railing into the hotel lobby March 11. An autopsy report listed marijuana intoxication as a “significant contributing factor” in the death.

I don’t think that an attribution based on a coroner’s report is illegitimate. For the other death, the attribution is more questionable.

My totally non-scientific survey seems to indicate that THC affects people in different ways. Friends have had to stop smoking because it was making them paranoid. Others reported absolutely no effect whatsoever. Who knows what might happen for someone who has an underlying mental illness? Especially if it is somatic, such as various kinds of schizophrenia.

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there is NO ld50 for marijuana !! in fact , our chief defense is NO toxicity !! no toxicity , some relief from assorted chronic pains and some other medical benefits both psychological and physiological !! and , it is fun at parties !! and a fanatical devotion to " good vibes "
let me start again !! our chief defenses INCLUDE no toxicity , no ld50 , some relief from some real ailments , some fun at some parties , a fanatical devotion to " good vibes " and an increased appreciation of " jam music " such as the greatfull dead !!
fetch the soft cushions and the mass quantities of comestibles !! and , a set of decent headphones , please !!
( offer void , as usual , in texas !! most produce is " field run " , weights are approximate , trust but verify , your mileage may and will vary , not for use while driving or studying )

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EVERYTHING is toxic, depends just on the dose.

But some things are definitely way less toxic than what their opponents say.


As I pointed out in another thread, the LD50 for marijuana is also dependent upon its velocity.


The new trend to “prove” marijuana’s toxicity is to blame any death that happens within a few weeks of ingestion on the demon weed.

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I’m one of those unlucky(?) individuals, but then things I say while completely sober often cause my friends to ask, “What have you been smoking?” So I’m curious: in your admittedly non-scientific survey are those who aren’t affected by THC naturally a little odd?


Some friend’s stuff made me giggle once. In other cases I got no or next to no effect. Friends say I act like stoned all the time.

May be a correlation somewhere there…


This is terrible, really, but the same type of happens every day when people drink. I have lost my shit while drunk (when I was much younger).

And what are the reasons that the autopsy report lists marijuana intoxication as a significant contributing factor? All because they found marijuana in his system? Personally, I think he probably got way too high and that was part of why freaked out, but I doubt that was the only factor. (Alcohol was a contributing factor for my (non-deadly) freakout, but not the biggest reason I lost my shit while drunk. It was a lot of factors and the biggest was that I was in an abusive relationship and very depressed. But the alcohol was a trigger.)

Once again, XKCD’s got it covered: