Weekend of Wonder: Meet Martin and Olivia Olson


No comments here? Not even about the $1500 price ?

Oh alright… too rich for me. My daughter would love this (hell, I’d love this).

It’s $1200 with early bird registration. Companions are $750 - the 20% discount, and kids are $650 - the 20% discount.

I’ll bite. What should it cost?

Dammit. That clip of “I Remember You” always makes me shed a tear.

it should be affordable for people on ordinary incomes. That price doesn’t look affordable to me.

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So what if you don’t want to stay at the hotel, but want to attend? What is the early bird price for that?

Also which BB contributors/writers will be there? They are a huge part of BB and hobnobbing with them would be fun.

Marceline is the little girl from Love Actually? Oh man, no wonder I love her so much.

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