Boing Boing's Weekend of Wonder - last chance for Early Bird Tickets


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Great lineup so far… you should totally see if you can get Parry Gripp there because… well… just because


I love Parry Gripp!


Who’s in?


So tempted… but this is still a little beyond what I can justify spending on myself at the moment. (Unless I land a sponsor! Hint hint!)

However I will be attending the Maker Faire in San Mateo this weekend. Maybe I’ll see you there, @frauenfelder! Anyone else going?


$1500 a person?!?! cough


I was but my back is acting up and it has been a complete zoo just to get to the festival and inside the last few years (it took me 2 1/2 hours including have to get an uber from the shuttle area to avoid the hour line for a shuttle two years ago).


It’s $1200 with the Early Bird price. Companions are $600. Kids are $520. The price includes the hotel, most meals, and kits and other swag.


Hmmm… empties pockets to count change


We’ve already sold a lot of tickets

Sweet! How many so far?


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