Weekend Tunes: Salsa Celtica--Pa'l Rumberos

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Re: water of life

And my Norwegian relatives tell me that the Vikings taught the Celts that…

Also, if I’m not mistaken, vodka.
(And possible every other local booze in the whole wide world, ever.)

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Aqua Vitae, Akvavit, Eau de Vie, Usquebaugh:

All mean “water of life” (though ‘live water’ might be a more precise translation in some cases.)

Vodka is said to be a diminutive of voda, “water” — “little water”, essentially.

The phrase el aqua de la vida occurs frequently in Spanish, but it’s usually used in modern megachurch Christian theology/branding, or is a reference to the Catalan fairy tale of the same name, or occasionally a different German fairy tale, Das Wasser des Lebens , collected by the Brothers Grimm.

Wow!, I lived in Edinburgh during the second half of the nineties, and we use to go dancing to “The Henrys Cellar Bar” in Morrison St. where they used to play.

Great band!.

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