Weekly Weather Report provides up-to-date COVID-19 data

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I read a local article about the regional ICU units being full of tripledemic patients, then watched a friend who collapsed over the weekend have to spend two days in emergency because they were out of rooms. So I went to the Johns-Hopkins Covid site, which used to be the gold star for current information and found several of my preferred reports had moved to 7-day averages instead of 3-day, while several of their sources had moved to reporting once a week.

For a nation that homes some of the best digital and technical industries going, we are seriously bad at this.


My employer used to publish a Covid dashboard. How many cases reported by date and building. They don’t do it anymore. In fact, they’re hosting an All Employee Holiday Party this afternoon. I will not be attending their superspreader event.


No, I don’t think we’re bad at this, not in a technical sense.

We’ve had good dashboards and reporting before. This is intentional. People will die because of things being hidden.

I’ve been following People’s CDC ever since BB first mentioned it. Much of the site is advocacy, but the weekly reports are quite informative. Thank you for the tip!

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