Some great compilations of current research about COVID-19

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I want up to date infection exposure times. Also infection to symptoms onset and onset to no longer contagious. They may be in the above links. They are also going to be quite variable, however those are the numbers I have needed to try to adjust things. I know some have changed but not how much.


As of Jan 1, my county switched from daily clinical case reporting to weekly - not that those values are reliable anymore anyway - and stopped reporting covid wastewater measurements entirely, so now there’s no local data on infections even close to accurate near me. Tried writing the county water facility, but they ignored my request. I fear this is the direction all locales doing any sort of tracking are trending, with no way to judge local virulence.


When looking at vaccine studies, my focus now is on universal or pan-vaccines. I’m not seeing much coverage of stories like this:

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Thank you so much for sharing this! Great resource.

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