Weird Al composes 'The North Korea Polka' upon John Oliver's request

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“video not available”

This happen with every John Oliver vid posted on Boing Boing :frowning:

“Please nuke him, North Korea! Please. Please.”

While Weird Al is the icing on this cake, the whole segment is pretty good.

Glad to see this was officially released. There are many places that put up additional segments on youtube but they often don’t last long.


If only there were some way to … oh! :sunglasses:


Thanks! I can never seem to find these when I search for them myself :grinning:

Song of the Year Award!


Fun fact: Weird Al has a degree in Architecture but opted to pursue music instead. I’d say it worked out well for him.


That was fun! I always like to start the day Weird.


Uhm, I’ve had this problem to varying degrees and sometimes it comes down to your browser and how you’ve set it up. I like mine fairly locked down and this can interfere with video playback of this sort, which is why I have multiple browsers available. I prefer to use Pale Moon at this point, but find it often best to use Chrome for these videos although Pale Moon is working nicely with them at this point (and I’ve no idea why…). At any rate, another browser can be a simple work around. If it is a ‘region’ problem, well, that’s a whole nother kettle o fish, but also something that can be worked around, usually.

Thanks for the advice, beep54orama, but I doubt its my browser (FireFox) as the problem seems to happen only with some US clips. I don’t know for sure, but it may be a region issue. I wonder if Boing Boing is using HBO as its source. They tend to be a bit anal about the location thing.

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