Weird clown startles couple at cemetery in the night


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Do people have no sense of humor at all?


People seem to be assuming this was a man dressed as a clown.


I’m infinitely more upset by this lady’s offended reaction than I am by the idea that there’s goofballs dressed as clowns hanging out in cemeteries weirding people out.

I live near a cemetery. Might have to bust out the clown suit. :wink:



From the thumbnail, I thought this was another Donald Trump post.


I’m with you on this one…


I live near that cemetery. In order to “happen to see” someone climb over the gate from the nearby street, you’d have to look through a railroad underpass and up the lane a good 100 feet, possibly ducking to accommodate the rising grade. It’s so unlikely that you’d have to be seeking it out…or involved.


1980s Horror movie: “Why are you just standing there? Run, you idiots!”

2015 Horror movie: “Quick, post it to Facebook!”


I know, right?

Clowns are funny!


This is TV news material? Where I come from it’s a classic source of hilarity.


That must’ve been one hell of a slow news day.


You got to figure though: that’s probably the exact reaction the graveyard clown was hoping to get.


I’m putting this in my will immediately.


I’d take that on the news any day over the normal Chicago news: “25 people shot, 7 killed over the weekend; serial rapist in Ravenswood strikes again; Rahm sells off more publicly-owned facilities to try to make a quick buck; and Trump leading GOP polls”.


Lol. Peoples be constantly vying for attention.


I like how they sound so puzzled. They’re hanging out in cemeteries with clown costumes “for some reason”. You are the reason! If you didn’t take videos and photos and report it on the news, it wouldn’t be a thing.

That said, I’m glad it is a thing. Life is much more interesting with seemingly inexplicable events now and then.


I’m gonna throw everyone for a loop and wear a gorilla costume in a cemetery.


Please make it a gorrilla costume accessorized in clown wear.


After watching the news piece on this, what I found the most annoying was the question if the act was offensive to those buried there.

As the official representative of the permanent residents of that graveyard, I can officially state that they really do not care. They asked me to share with you their statement that life is too short to be bothered so deeply by young peoples’ pranks. Also (a couple of residents added), nightly cemetery activities done by the living are first come first serve. If you noticed it is occupied to carry out a prank, you and your husband will have to drive to another cementary to carry out your kinky acts that keeps that fire burning for each other.