Weird details you probably missed in Disney movies

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Convertible Waitresses… woo.


It works for me…

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The Original “Rescuers” VHS release featured a boob shot.
Right when they’re flying down the building …the windows flash by.
One of the animators was pissed with his job and put in a topless penthouse centerfold in one of the windows.


Back when Pixar as a company was just a dream in Ed Catmull and Alvi Ray Smith’s eyes.

They would show “Luxo” images at Siggraph. ('82)…still frames as proof of concept.
The unicycle, teacup, and the ball and lamp “Luxo” which were early computer graphic “test patterns” appear in many “Pixar/Disney” movies now.

I see what you did there… Also I regret that I can only give that one like.


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This meta-referentiality seems to be a factor in a lot of children’s stories. I’ve noticed this reading to my kids. Typically, we see characters in the book we are reading reading the book we are reading. One simple example from 1978, Each Peach Pear Plum. This self-referentiality comes up often enough to be a common theme. More recently we see the characters from the Gruffalo, for example, working their way into other stories by the same creators, as toys, etc.

Disney is a trigger word for me in the context of Pixar. I’m a fan of Pixar. But I hate Disney for screwing with our copyright system, ie. building the company from the work of others, then pulling up the ladder on the rest of civilisation with lawyers and lobbyists. So when Pixar work is appropriated under the Disney brand after a relatively hostile takeover, it’s super fucking annoying. I’m working on it.

At the end of Finding Nemo, the monstrous anglerfish, which appears to be labelled with the “distributed by” credit for Disney, looks like it’s going to eat the tiny fish from the AA meeting. Suddenly the tiny fish eats the enormous anglerfish. Then the credit for Pixar Animation Studios comes up, labelling the tiny fish, and it happily swims off.


That adds yet another complication to the raging internet debate surrounding the phylogeny of Cars. We know the biological cars in that universe exterminated their human predecessors, and obviously that happened after the events of Brave, so this suggests the cars undertook a massive project to rewrite history, even forging historical documents.

On the one hand, this could mean your favorite Cars characters simply didn’t know about the genocide. On the other hand, since we have no way of knowing when it happened, Lighting McQueen could have been driving back and forth over human skulls the week before the first movie begins. I guess it is up to you which version to explain to your kids.


I’m guessing he was previously a projectionist, and liked to splice frames of hardcore porn into the films he ran.


Not to be That Guy, but Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is Sony Pictures… jus’ sayin’

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I have had to read that book to children more times than I care to remember, and I’ve never noticed that. Which page(s)?

I understand that reference. But this was real, I even have a copy.

I’m working on it, lol. My partner tells me the example I’m thinking of – a kid in a tree reading Each Peach – is in The Baby’s Catalogue. Haven’t found physical copy yet, but here’s a different example I came across:

In the book, The Baby’s Catalogue:

They are reading the book, The Baby’s Catalogue


Ah. I did think I’d spotted most (all?) of the cross-references in EPPP – e.g. that the dish Mother Hubbard is carrying out of the cellar in the third picture is the same one the pie is served in at the end, that the Wicked Witch eats the pie while sat on Jack and Jill’s bucket, that you can actually trace the route the characters take on the map/picture at the very front, with which the backgrounds in the various scenes are entirely consistent – but I was ready for there to be another one.

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The first car Judy tickets in that clip is likely the Marc Newson Pantone concept from 1999 Newson%20Ford-021C-01

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Nice thread, but the Corgi with wings really made my day.

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