Weird quantum Internet could be delivered by drones

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hopefully the firmware on the secure quantum link router is not compromised.

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I can see this being quite an improvement to default edgelord stuff. Everyone write good shows for new pluralist drone networks… Having said it, though…Beagleboard Studios’ stuff really isn’t accessible, the best screens for it are octagonal, and I haven’t even watched Mank (Netflix for now) yet.

Best feature? There’s in indicator for whether you’re at all in the mood for the show. It puts you off 20 hours at a time.

Everything I’ve read in the past has explicitly said this is impossible, i.e.

“now you might think, just get a bunch of entangled particles, send half the pairs on the spaceship, then communicate instantaneously due to their entanglement, however, don’t be silly, that can’t work, becuase (this/that/etc)”

edit: ok I guess they aren’t doing that. Not sure what they’re doing, the entanglement is just for encryption verification?

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Also, aside from falling under the umbrella of quantum information theory, quantum cryptography and quantum computing are separate technologies often conflated by sloppy journalism.

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And everything you’ve read is correct. :grinning:

Quantum entanglement is weird and wild, but it’s not what people think it is and mainstream press often gets the key details wrong. “Information” (in the physics sense) cannot travel faster than light, and the math is showing that that as a result quantum entanglement cannot be used to send information (in the computer data sense). Basically, you can’t know the quantum state that is “communicated” so it’s not useful in the practical sense that people imagine.

People are always looking for that free lunch, but quantum entanglement ain’t it. The speed of light is absolute in far more ways than how fast our spaceships go. The more physics we learn, the more we learn it’s absolute on everything always and forever. We are locked in a world of c.


c’s get degrees though?

So that’s something I guess.

Is that poor physicist aware that a giant shiny key is about to stab her?

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