Welcome to Brazil’s Indigenous gaming scene

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And… the site has been boingboinged!


Hey citizens of the USA, as a fyi, this is not just something that happens elsewhere.

If you’re in Albuquerque stop by this place:

(looks like they’re back open after closing temporarily due to COVID concerns)


A similar story about Indigenous Australians

Being able to tell your own stories is half the battle.

This. As a Brazilian and knowing that the Bolsonaro government is killing many native populations including some to the point of extinction, let these kids make games, record video, spread their culture and knowledge because things are freaking dire here. These kids are very talented too. Covid has killed many of their elders, loggers and miners are assassinating the rest, if you can support their voices please do.

Bolsonaro once praised the USA because you succeeded in killing most of your natives while “we were too weak and should have done the same”. Fuck him.


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