Welcome to Night Vale merch


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hmm looks like the youtube channel lags behind libsyn…i wonder if it’s official…seems official…it’s between two other official sites so it would make more sense for it to be official than to not.

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I hope there’s a poster in support of HIrman McDaniels. He’s literally a five headed dragon who cares.
The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in York House creeps me out.

At a quick first glance I thought the yellow was the state of Deleware. I’m a map nerd.

Here you go

There’s absolutely a poster in support of McDaniels. To quote my favorite radio host: “give 'em hell, Hiram.”

EDIT: I see @fredley beat me to it

@tuseroni It looks official, but scientific studies have shown that it is not official. I hear scientists are offering $5 to anyone who will message them and ask.

Awww, I’d have loved one of the Your Existence Is Not Impossible, But It’s Also Not Very Likely shirts.

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