Wells Fargo accused of ripping off rich people, too


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Well, they’re in trouble now. They broke the Capa’s Secret Peace with the Duke.


As was pointed out with Shrekli, you can screw over the lesser guys but you NEVER fuck with the rich. More popcorn will be needed.




Yep. We are going to find out real quick if they are truly “too big to fail” .


Now the justice will be swift!
You don’t want to get caught up in rich people law.
All the working class stiffs get ripped off, and they pass laws in congress, so WF and Equifax can’t be sued.
But mess with the the rich and watch the hammer of justice fall down apon thee.


This corporation needs to no longer exist.


I heard they stuck Mitt Romney for over $35 in fees!


“This is tantamount to the most heinous of crimes - theft of money!”


Ripping off rich people?


Wells Fargo ripped off the rich…shit these guys have no morals at all I guess.


Rest assured that upper management will take appropriate measures.


Don’t steal from the truly wealthy, because they will get you prosecuted. Don’t steal from organized criminals, because they will have you killed.


This is literally begging for a Venn diagram.


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