Wells Fargo whistleblower: once I complained, they started denying me bathroom breaks

2013 - change of government (the conservative Framsóknarflokkurinn wins the general elections, the social-democratic Samfylkingin loses mightily)
2016 - a law was changed, because of this some banksters get out of jail

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That’s probably not far off, as many places work hard to induce a feeling of desperation. Sales targets, commissions instead of salaries, and so on. It’s like living in an abusive relationship.


I mean… I work hourly, and where I work I don’t think I’d ever take a salary. Because that’d mean trading in all of my free time for being on call 100% of the time. I hate oncall work. I’d rather do four 12s once a month than be on call as soon as I leave work. I hate thinking about work. I couldn’t tell you in any level of detail what I do the moment I get in my car to go home, because I’ve compartmentalized so heavily.


But that only works for the boss if you ask. Don’t ask, tell.

“I’m going to the bathroom, brb. Medical emergency”

“Oh, no you’re not! Go to that bathroom and you’re fired!”

And you’ve got yourself an ADA suit.


Everyone else in Europe did the opposite and look at how quickly Iceland’s economy bounced back!

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In my experience, companies with policies like this prefer “encouraging employees to quit” to avoid the hit on their unemployment insurance.

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That’s fucking dystopian.

No quibble here, but proving same would require the services of counsel and some form of legally-binding substantiation of the allegation (that is, except in instances where the employee has signed a contract agreeing to binding arbitration–which IMO is likely–where history shows that the employer would most likely come out on top.)

Was thinking the same. I’m privileged enough to say, “bathroom break? Naw, I’m gonna do that pretty much when I want to do that.” And I’m embarrassed that WF management thought that was…managing. For shame.


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