Wells Fargo whistleblower: once I complained, they started denying me bathroom breaks


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Holy Fuck.

I feel super privileged right now that I have never had to deal with something like that. I don’t know what I would do, apart from pee my pants because I can’t hold it for very long on my best day.


Why is denying bathroom breaks the tell of tyrannical management?


Is there any reason why Wells Fargo hasn’t had its banking license terminated yet?

Correction… any good reason?


[quote=“alahmnat, post:5, topic:87259, full:true”]
Is there any reason why Wells Fargo hasn’t had its banking license terminated yet?

Correction… any good reason?
[/quote]Because if they instantly terminated the license of one of the world’s largest banks, you’d have a sizable chunk of the population with their money tied up in a non-bank. And, as a non-bank, they wouldn’t have to play by the rules of banks any more.

If they’re still a bank, at least they’ll still act like one (in general), and people will have the protections of a bank with them.


If my employer denied me a bathroom break when I had to go, I’d stand in the middle of the lobby and pee my pants and let the customers standing on line know why I’d had to inconvenience them.

Remember, you can do anything you want on your last day.


Bathroom breaks are for closers.


How do you deny someone a bathroom break? I don’t mean that as in “how can you be so cruel” but “how do you manage it”? Do they lock the doors and hand out key cards? Set up velvet ropes and bouncers outside?

I can’t even imagine having to ask someone permission to use the bathroom never mind what it would be like to have that person say “no”. It probably wouldn’t even register and I’d just get up and go anyway.

Which makes sense since only closers get to drink coffee all day.


Quit? I’d do that.


You said everything I was going to, so the least I can do is like it :slight_smile:


Srsly, bro?


'cause they’re too big to fail, 'member?


I have to assume there is a level of desperation to keep the job or the income. Must be. I’d probably consider copping a squat right there, but that sort of thing gets you put on the sex offender registry.



A tinpot wannabe so desperate to assert their control they will regulate when you can or can’t relieve yourself.


Sounds like a great opportunity for civil disobedience and relieving oneself at the workplace!


What they want you to do is sneak off and do it anyway. That way you are now willingly violating the rules. With enough training and reinforcement, you’ll be willing to violate other rules, ethics, and morals. And if not, they have reason to fire you - for violating the rules.


When your country’s entire population is less than 20% of Manhattan’s, it is somewhat easier to get shit done.


It’s easy. The boss just says “there’s too much work, no bathroom break… temporarily.” Then, when you can’t wait any longer, he’s got you for insubordination. You’re fired. Boss gets plausible deniability. Problem solved.

It’s not about the bathroom.